The development of Ecogi technology was started by KomTek in 2009. The vision was to develop a new pre-treatment technology to process source separated food waste to produce a high-quality pulp based substrate for conversion into renewable energy using anaerobic digestion.

Initially with support from the Danish Market Development Fund, development has continued using the knowledge and experience gained from operating a commercial scale facility in Holsted, Denmark.  Supplementing this practical based improvement approach Ecogi has also been exposed to a programme of rigorous independent monitoring. The performance of Ecogi has been formally verified as part of the EU ETV programme for new and developing environmental based technologies

Gemidan A/S group structure

Gemidan Ecogi A/S is 100% owned by the Gemidan Group, a leading Danish waste management company.  Originally established in 1988 the group is now active in a variety of waste and environmental sectors (mainly recycling, composting and recovery) in Scandinavia and the UK.

The future

Our mission is to continue to improve the Ecogi pre-treatment technology to achieve further advancements in process performance and to optimize the purity of the pulp based substrate produced.  This improvement would also include developing further flexibility in the types, sources and acceptable physical contamination levels of the food waste being processed.  The existing system has been designed to be highly robust in operation and minimize the need for on-going maintenance.

Ecogi is proven to set very high process performance levels when compared with the more traditional approaches to de-packaging and feedstock pre-treatment.

Over 4 years of practical based and commercial scale development ensures that Ecogi is ready to be introduced into the wider markets of Europe and beyond.  Interest from across Europe and the wider international community is growing day by day.  This interest is due to Ecogi being recognised as providing environmental efficiencies in the generation of renewable energy through AD.  In addition, the proven purity of the pulp based substrate Ecogi produces is mirrored in the quality digestate produced as part of the AD process.  This digestate can be used as a bio-fertiliser on farmland without fear of causing pollution in the soil.

Ecogi’s potential to become market leader in this area of operation is now coming to fruition.

Ecogi and the circular bio-economy

Our priority at Gemidan Ecogi is to ensure waste is always treated in the most environmentally friendly and responsible way possible.  For us, waste is an important resource and in our opinion should be fully utilized and every potential opportunity for recycling or energy recovery should be exploited.

To support the circular economy Ecogi has been developed to be as flexible as possible in treating food waste from a wide variety of sources and levels of physical contamination.  Our high-quality pulp based substrate is used by the AD industry to produce renewable energy.  Optimising organic particle size within the pulp helps maximise the potential recovery of renewable energy during the AD process.  Pulp purity ensures the digestate, the end product of AD, can be safely used as a bio-fertiliser on farmland without risk of pollution to soil.

Circular economy