About us


The development of the ECOGI organic waste pre-treatment technology started in 2009, when KomTek decided to develop a technology for the pre-treatment of organic waste in order to produce biopulp for biogas plants. Several years of development work, supported by the Market Maturity Fund and commercial scale operation since 2012 means that the ECOGI plant today is proven to be a very robust and reliable system with low operating and maintenance costs. On January 1, 2016, the company Gemidan Ecogi A / S was founded and all rights regarding the Ecogi plant were transferred to this company. Gemidan Ecogi A / S is part of the Gemidan Group and is wholly owned by Gemidan A / S.

Mission and vision

Gemidan Ecogi A /S’s mission is to sell and supply ECOGI for the optimal pre-treatment of organic waste for AD biogas production. Our customers are public authorities and private companies that handle waste. ECOGI is characterized by a great flexibility for removing packaging contamination with great resilience to foreign bodies in the waste. At the same time, ECOGI ensures the optimum utilization of the gas potential in the organic waste and the documented purity of the pulp allows digestate, produced during biogas processing, to be utilized as fertiliser on farmland. In this way, ECOGI supports the circular economy. Based on this mission, it is the vision of Gemidan Ecogi A / S to make ECOGI the market leader in the pre-treatment of organic material for biogas production based on the quality of the biopulp produced by ECOGI being  “second to none” in terms of purity and uniformity.

Group Structure

Gemidan A/S

With headquaters located in Nørresundby, Denmark is a contracting and engineering company that specializes in environmental operations including recycling, to maximise operating efficiency and space optimization. With Soil improvement treatment facilities in Tulstrup and Holsted, and Ecogi pre-treatment facilities in Frederikshavn, Holsted and Ølstykke.  


Located near Alslev, Denmark SWS (Special Waste Systems) has 20 years of experience in the treatment and disposal of hazardous / confidential waste.

Gemidan Ltd

Located in Whitchurch, Shropshire (UK): Gemidan Ltd is engaged in the utilization of waste resources.

Gemidan GmbH

Located in Harrislee, Germany specialising in activities associated with recycling and utilization of waste resources.

Gemidan NMI AS

Located in Larvik, Norway NMI (Norwegian Environment Industry) deals with waste treatment.

ECOGI and the circular bioeconomy

In Gemidan Ecogi, environmentally responsible treatment of waste has always been a top priority. For us, waste is an important resource that, in our opinion, should be utilized and returned to the ecological cycle.

What we say must match what we do. Throughout the development and subsequent commercial operation of ECOGI we have focused on documenting the pre-treatment performance (biopulp purity and organic content utilization) through extensive process monitoring and analysis.

We have a real concern for the environment and the future of our planet. In our opinion, no artificial fertiliser products can match the results from the use of the digestate based fertiliser produced from organic waste pre-treated by ECOGI with subsequent energy utilization using AD.