Product quality

ECOGI produces a pulp of outstanding purity (> 99.9%), for direct application of digestate to agricultural land after energy utilization in biogas plants.

Utilization rate

ECOGI maximizes utilization (> 95%) of the organic material in source separated food waste.

Feedstock flexibility

ECOGI can treat most types of organic waste including food packaged in metal and glass.

Reduced operating costs

ECOGI’s fully automated water-based process has been designed to minimise wear on components delivering the lowest possible operating costs.

ECOGI ensures optimal utilization of the organic residues in source separated food waste

First to energy, then as fertiliser in agriculture

Treatment of waste with up to 20% physical contamination
High utilization of organic resources

Company profile movie

  • Product quality
  • High utilization rate
  • Flexibility
  • Low operating costs

All these things, we tell more about in our profile film, which you can see here (English speech):

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