Pulp Quality

At Gemidan Ecogi we continuously monitor the quality of the pulp by sending samples to an external  laboratory for analysis and testing to ensure it is free from environmentally harmful substances.


Waste types

Ecogi is designed to treat virtually all types of source separated food based wastes.   Tests carried out at our commercial scale facility in Denmark have demonstrated that Ecogi can effectively treat wastes with high levels of physical contamination (up to about 20%).

  • Households in plastic bags
  • Households in paper bags
  • Industry (mixed waste)
  • Industry (contained in steel cans)
  • Supermarkets (out of date food)

Ecogi-plant construction

The Ecogi pre-treatment technology has been developed over 4 years operating at a commercial scale.  Effective in processing a wide variety of source separated food waste types from households, commercial kitchens and industrial facilities.  It is designed and built to be flexible and robust to withstand even the most major challenges these waste streams can present.